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Look at this, Diaval is just by Maleficents side, ready for anything. 

He looks so happy to see Maleficent happy, he glances at Aurora but then he just goes back to staring at Maleficent. He wants to see the pride and the happiness in her face and you can see the joy in his little grin while he’s watching her and he looks proud of her as well.

As soon as she turns him into a dragon he covers her with his body and frees her from the burning iron and when she’s being attacked by Stefan you can see him trying to save her, to protect the woman who has never treated him with any obvious kindness.

He storms into a castle with her even though she basically tells him she can handle it. He sees her vulnerable side when no one else can and he isn’t afraid of her. He tells her to turn him into a worm, anything she wants after she disapproves of his opinion, showing they’re more equals than Maleficent thinks, he isn’t afraid of her, he wants to be there for her and he wants her to take him seriously.

Diaval sees the real Maleficent, the pain and the misery as well as her beauty and her power and he loves her for it and would do anything for her. 

Aurora may be the Queen of the Moors but Maleficent will always be Diaval’s queen.

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we'd dismantled the fortress she had built. the army she had raised. the future she had planned. and the entire world was about to know that she had failed. taken down by a gamer, a junkie, and a small town delinquent.

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And I’m still here…

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It’s the power of true love that defeated you

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